How To Get Involved

For Poets: I am maintaining a database of poets who would like to be interviewed in future iterations (to be developed). The aim of the site is to include a balance of established and emerging voices from across the UK and Ireland.

Interviewers will need to be able to research your work, so please only contact me if you have a book, pamphlet, or CD in print and an online presence. Send your name, email address and website details to sophie [at] sophiemayer [dot] net to be added to the database, and for updates.

I’m receiving many requests and cannot respond to them all! When future rounds of interviews (see below) are set up, I will be in touch with the poets to be interviewed.

For Interviewers: I am interested in creating future iterations with writing groups, and classes at universities and secondary schools. If you are a teacher, student, facilitator or group participant and would like to get involved with doing some interviews, contact me on sophie [at] sophiemayer [dot] net to discuss the process.

The interviews have a basic format: the information is available here.


§ 2 Responses to How To Get Involved

  • Neil Bowen says:

    Great website – simple, but excellent idea. I run a not-for-profit literature website, for A level and undergraduate students, teachers, academics and writers and would like to add a link to your website. Would that be okay? If any of your poets or critics would like to contribute to the peripeteia project in any way do get in touch!

    • Sophie Mayer says:

      Hi Neil: Peripeteia looks great (great word too). Please do link, I know both the poets and interviewers would love to feel their contributions were circulating and educating. And poets/critics, get in touch with Neil Bowen if you’re feeling peripatetic!

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